Baby Eczema Articles

3 things you need to know about baby eczema
By Tim Howden - Children’s Naturopath
20% of children presenting to their GP are diagnosed with eczema. As a naturopath specializing in children╩╝s health I meet many parents of children with eczema who feel overwhelmed by this stubborn condition, anxious about soothing their child's pain, and unsure of how best to make it go away. Through my work I have identified three key facts of this irritating condition that immediately help.
1. Eczema is an inflammatory immune condition that is linked to
asthma, allergic rhinitis and food allergy. This is known as the allergic march. These conditions are all linked by excess inflammation. Suppression of eczema usually with cortisone-based creams will not address and treat the cause. The condition moves deeper into the body and over time affects the lungs and sinuses, creating asthma and hay fever. The great news for mothers is that research now shows how effective natural medicine is at treating these causes at their root.
2. Eczema will only be resolved by treating the underlying cause.
The main causes of eczema are: - excess inflammation
- an under active digestive system
- an imbalanced immune system.
Together, with a qualified practitioner you can go through a step by step process to address each one of these causes. The inflammation needs to be toned down from within. This is an essential step in order to correct the imbalanced immune system. The digestive system must be strengthened and nourished since around 85% of adaptive immune cells occur in the digestive tract. When digestion is working in balance manner we find a significant reduction in the symptoms of eczema.
3.Natural medicine is capable of treating the causes of eczema.
There is a growing body of scientific evidence to support the use of natural medicines for the treatment of eczema. Time and time again I witness the incredible powers of recuperation in children when a thorough and systematic multi-modality approach is used. Here are some essential points that must be implemented.
•Remove allergenic foods from the diet. •Reduce inflammation with probiotics and essential fatty acids such as flax seed oil or
evening primrose oil, not fish oils.
•Restore digestive function and correct any mineral and nutritional deficiencies to support balanced immunity.