Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Nutritional Medicine is Highly Effective for Baby Eczema

By Tim Howden ND BHSc MNHAA
I see a great number of treatment approaches that fail to address the complete picture of baby eczema.  Topical treatment and a change of soap cannot modulate the inner physiological profile associated with baby eczema.
The condition is immune driven and involves a TH2 dominant profile.  This all stems from the digestive system which is responsible for producing 85% of the adaptive immune cells.  Common to all children and infants with this condition is nutritional deficiency.  The body is simply unable to supply the nutrient needed to correct the inflammation of the skin either because the nutrients are absent from the diet or more commonly because the digestive system is unable to absorb nutrients from the diet.  This is paramount, because until the digestive function is corrected the eczema and associated inflammation wont resolve.  A qualified and experienced practitioner will be able to use nutritional medicine for effective treatment.