Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Herbal Medicine to Help Resolve those Niggling Viruses

I treat a lot of children that seem to be knocked about, often for many months at a time with low grade viruses of one sort or another.  Most of the time your GP won't prescribe anti viral drugs unless the case is extreme.  Herbal medicine however is able to help your child's immune system overcome these nasty invaders by stimulating an effective search and destroy mission of these viral invaders. 
Parenting is already stressful enough without having to cope with a children that are sick a lot of the time. Many parents are relieved at the effectiveness that herbal medicine can provide and are happy to see their children bouncing back to life with renewed vigor.  Common herbs that are used to combat viruses include Echinacea spp. and Sambuccus nigra Elderflower flower