Sunday, 18 September 2011

Helping Baby Eczema Takes Time and Requires Patience

By Tim Howden ND BHSc MNHAA
As a practitioner I try to communicate to parents and carers that treating baby and child eczema within a holistic framework takes time.  There is no quick-fix to a problem that involves many organ-systems.  Often we are working to correct functional problems associated with chronic inflammation and immune dysregulation.  Parents and carers need to have patience in order to reach the ideal of healthy skin.

This takes a methodical approach and may require additional tests such as mineral status, food sensitivity and stool analysis.  Clinicians also need identify the roles that diet, lifestyle and stress play in baby and child eczema. Once all the relevant history is obtained a treatment plan can be devised according to individual needs.

         One cannot expect that which has taken generations to acquire to disappear overnight

Successful treatment of baby eczema in a holistic framework is not a simple matter of taking a pill or using a topical cream.  It requires commitment and dedication on many levels.  Certain foods must be avoided while certain foods will need to be used.  Environmental factors such as clothing, bedding, detergents and cleaners need to be assessed and the potential of enviro toxins like xeno-estrogens and xeno-biotics must be explored. Many of these concepts are new to parents and carers, it takes time to educate and provide quality reference materials and information.

Often, the approach requires whole-family dietary and lifestyle changes.  This is no easy task.  Cooking techniques and ingredients may need to be altered and shopping lists may require amending.   Make no mistake, this takes time to get right and implement in day to day busy family life.

On top of this are the remedies that the child or baby will need to take.  I often make a joke that the medicine won't work if it sits on the shelf.  It sounds obvious but it requires certain dedication and attentiveness when using a holistic approach.  It can be quite a regime to implement several remedies over the course of a day, several weeks or months at a time.

The take home message is that successful treatment of baby and childhood eczema using a holistic model takes time and patience.  There is a sound and well proven methodology in place that will help your child immensely if the program is followed.  The parents that seem to attract the most success appear to be the ones who educate themselves in the holistic natural medicine.   Eczema is a complex and multi-factorial condition that requires a comprehensive and integrated approach to achieve success.  It thrives on a complete team; practitioner, parent/carer and child/family, all working together with the intention of providing the best outcome for those concerned.