Friday, 9 September 2011

Top Ten Influences which damage Immunity

1. Sugar and everything containing it: sweets, soft drink, ice-cream etc.
2. Processed carbohydrates: cakes, biscuits, chips, snacks, breakfast cereals, white breads
3. Chemically altered and artificial fats: margarines, butter alternatives, cooking and vegetable oils, processed foods prepared with these fats.
4. Lack of quality proteins in the diet from meats and fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, seeds and beans
5. Exposure to man-made chemicals: cleaning and washing chemicals, personal care products, paint, fire retardants, petrochemicals, pesticides, etc.
6. Exposure to man-made radiation: electronic screens (TV, computer, play station), mobile phones, high power electricity lines, nuclear wastes, X-Ray
7. Drugs: Antibiotics, steroids, anti-depressants, pain killers, anti-viral drugs, anti-cancer drugs
8. Lack of Fresh Air and physical activity
9. Lack of sunlight
10. Lack of exposure to common microbes in the environment. Living in a too sterilised environment is strongly associated with compromised immunity.  The immune system needs constant stimulation from the microbes in the environment.